“I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Bela for over fifteen years.

Whenever I have needed to refine or evolve my visual brand, I’ve always reached out to Bela. He has overseen the design and updates to a number of my websites. Not only are the images and graphics spot on, but the flawless function of these sites has always impressed.

He has also designed multiple marketing materials, both for digital and print distribution. To work with Bela is a very satisfying creative experience. His focus is always on how to help you achieve your goals, as well as how to best express and emphasize your brand. It would be an understatement to say that Bela’s work is inspiring. He has permanently raised the bar of my expectations when it comes to the craft of visual design.

Over the years, I’ve eagerly recommended Bela to many friends and associates. I would do the same for anyone looking to take their visual branding to the next level.”

/ Marc Preston | Marc Preston Productions, L.L.C.


“Finding a web designer was intimidating for me.  I’m not website savvy, but knew I needed an eye-catching site for my start-up company.  I needed the right designer to help me through the process.

From the start Bela was patient, thoughtful, helpful and imaginative.  He took time to meet with me face to face, discuss my site from an artistic and practical point of view.  He asked me questions, encouraging me to describe visually what I wanted in a site.   He brought ideas to the table, but remained collaborative throughout.  Working with him was enjoyable.

The final site was better than I could have imagined.  It was colorful, inviting, easy to navigate and combined a business practicality I needed to sell my idea while remaining artistic so as to present the creative side of my start-up.
I’m still in the process of starting my company and have stayed in contact with Bela over the past two years.  During that time, he’s worked with me to make changes to my site, remaining available, helpful and collaborative as he was in the beginning.

The most important part of my testimonial is to say, “Yes, I would work with Bela again.”  He’s guided me through this maze of web design and brought me to the end with a smile.

Thank you Bela!”

/ Aaron Easterbrooks | Bizurkis

“Bela’s work has been integral in creating an easily recognizable brand amid the sea of online clutter. Clients and colleagues often comment about how www.manonthelam.com stands out from the crowd — an important leg ahead in any business. And the backend development has stood the test of time as well — it’s been almost 3 years since the new design launch, and there have been zero issues with WordPress updates. Bela offers a one-of-a-kind service at a fair price, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the market for a unique design.”

/ Raymond Walsh | Man On The Lam

“Az Andersen Media Studios tervezőjét, Kollár Bélát az ART7 művészeti portál arculatának kialakításkor ismertem meg. Szakmai professzionalizmusa, igényessége, empátiája, finom ízlése az első perctől kezdve megkönnyítette a közös munkát. Más profilú tervei is nagyvonalú vizuális eleganciáról tanúskodnak. Öröm vele együtt dolgozni.”

/ Kovács Dezső | Főszerkesztő, ART7 Művészeti Portál